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Reasonably Fit

Jason and Lauren Pak

Welcome to Reasonably Fit! This podcast brings a sense of grounded realism to an industry that is dominated by extremes. Right now, fitness is made out to be this all-or-nothing, highly intense, and somewhat elitist endeavor. But contrary to what social media will have you believe, most people aren't trying to become figure competitors or powerlifters or bodybuilders. Most people are looking to have fitness seamlessly fit into their lives, without taking over their lives. And that's where we come in! We've been trainers for over 14 years and we've worked with thousands of people just like you. People who want to be able to run and chase their kids around without having to stop and catch their breath. People who want to be able to say YES to road races and hikes and adventures. People who want to feel strong and confident and independent in any situation. People who want to be reasonably fit. In this podcast we will deep dive into topics that most people face on their fitness journeys such as how to get (and stay) motivated for your workouts, and mistakes in the gym that are keeping you from reaching your goals. We can't wait to bring you sensible, realistic, tangible advice to help you feel your very best!
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