Reasonably Fit

The Ultimate Guide to 1RMs and Maxing Out

May 09, 2023 Jason and Lauren Pak Episode 52
Reasonably Fit
The Ultimate Guide to 1RMs and Maxing Out
Show Notes

Today we're going over the what, why, when, and how of maxing out! There are several reasons you might want to test out your one rep max on main lifts such as squat, bench, deadlift, military press, hip thrust, etc. In this episode we discuss the benefits, outline strategies to effectively work toward a max out, and explain exactly how to approach max out day from warm up sets to safety to execution of the lifts!

Below is a quick sample 11-week program that we mentioned in the episode. For this program you would want to start with a weight that feels like a 7 RPE (or 70% of your 1RM if you've already established it previously) and perform 5 sets of 5 reps. Each week, add 5-10lbs to progressively overload. The built in drops in volume will serve as de-load weeks even though you will continue adding weight each week.

Week 1: 5x5
Week 2: 5x5
Week 3: 5x5
Week 4: 5x5
Week 5: 5x5
Week 6: 3x3
Week 7: 3x3
Week 8: 3x3
Week 9: 2x2
Week 10: 2x2
Week 11: Max out!

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