Reasonably Fit

Getting Started with Barbells - Part One: Squats

June 29, 2023 Jason and Lauren Pak Episode 58
Reasonably Fit
Getting Started with Barbells - Part One: Squats
Show Notes

Today we're kicking off a 3-part series on getting started with barbell training! This episode is all about how to progress to the barbell back squat. We got into a ton of detail on how you can set yourself up for success with barbell squats by following a simple but effective progression.

Our goal with this series is to eliminate the frustration and need for a ton of cues and corrections once you're working with the barbell, and instead help prepare your body for the barbell lifts by going through different exercise variations that will allow your body to do the learning along the way so you're much more prepared, confident, and ready to take on those barbell lifts!

In the episode we mention four different exercise progressions, and you can find videos of them all here:

Squat to box with reach

Goblet squat

BB Split squat

BB back squat

We hope you find this episode helpful, and stay tuned for part 2 where we will go over progressions to the barbell bench press!

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